BitMart is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, which will be available to both retail and professional traders.

With a growing user base and an emphasis on a simplified and luxury user experience, BitMart’s foray into the NFT industry aims to set the bar in terms of accessibility and quality of NFTs, including prizes and giveaways.

To honour the occasion, BitMart is announcing that for a short period, all transactions on the NFT marketplace will be free of charge.

For being committed BitMartians and supporting the exchange as it expands, current BitMart users can also claim a free NFT. Collectors may be confident that every NFT is 100 percent validated and real from projects currently associated with BitMart, making them fun to exhibit and collect.

BitMart has developed a unique platform that provides consumers a white-glove listing of NFTs at competitive pricing, with a selected list of 10-plus projects.

Have you created a BitMart account yet? Register now to get started on your crypto journey right away.

Browse the user guide for more information on how to use the marketplace. Otherwise, traders and investors should pencil June 6 into their calendars to avoid missing out on the NFT experience.

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