Bitmark, a blockchain startup, is stepping up its non-fungible token (NFT) projects by raising $5.6 million, the company said Wednesday. This comes on the heels of the launch of its Autonomy NFT wallet.

The startup’s NFT wallet is designed to let NFT fans show off their collections in a way that works with other wallets. The platform is available as an app for mobile devices, and it works with the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains right now. A company representative said that the company plans to add more integrations in the coming months.

The wallet works with the company’s other product, Feral File, which is a platform that lets users show off their collections in virtual exhibitions.

CEO of Bitmark Sean Moss-Pultz thinks that the industry around the growing digital art movement is still in its early stages. Even though there has never been more interest in the space, there haven’t been as many creative ways to show off NFTs.

Moss-Pultz told CoinDesk in an interview that he thinks there will be a lot of new ideas in space in the next year or two. “I’m sure of this because I know a number of larger display companies that make beautiful panels just for showing digital art.”

Bright Moments, which has been putting on pop-up NFT galleries around the world for well-known generative artists, is another company getting in on the action. Web3 Gallery is an NFT-focused art gallery in New York City that calls itself “the BestBuy of NFTs.”

The funding round for Bitmark was led by Galaxy Interactive and North Island Ventures. The last time the company raised money was in 2016, when Cherubic Ventures led a round that brought in $1.7 million.

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