The luxury car company is making a one-time NFT drop on the carbon-neutral Polygon network. Only 208 pieces will be made.

Bentley, which makes high-end cars, said that its unique artwork will be its first venture into the NFT marketplace. The British car company is putting out a one-time NFT drop on the carbon-neutral Polygon network in September. Only 208 pieces will be made.

The number 208 is important to Bentley because it is the top speed of the Continental GT Speed, which is its fastest Grand Tourer. It also shows how many R-Type Continentals were made in 1952, the year of the famous car that inspired the Bentley design DNA of today.

The genesis NFT will be a unique piece of art made by Bentley Design, and those who own it will get special access and rewards. The Bentley collection will be made on Polygon, a scaling platform for Ethereum that is bringing millions of people to Web3.

Polygon recently became carbon neutral and has promised to become carbon negative by the end of this year. So, all Bentley NFTs will be free of carbon emissions.

Bentley promised to be carbon neutral from start to finish by 2030, which is the same year that all Bentley cars will be fully powered by batteries. The company said it was important that its first step into Web3 was a sustainable one.

Alain Favey, a member of the Board for Sales and Marketing, said, “We’ve always engaged our customers where they pursue their passions, and today that means being present in digital marketplaces and offering NFT assets.”

“We’ve seen how NFTs have made art and artists more well-known, and we think the same thing can happen in the luxury car market.”

Bentley said it will look into other digital platforms, such as NFCs (non-fungible chips), online games, Metaverse applications, and the use of blockchain technology across the organization.

Charity work will be helped by the money made from the Bentley NFT and future activations.

Bentley will do more to help students who are interested in engineering, design, and manufacturing, all of which are areas where the company needs new talent every year.

Car companies are getting more involved in the NFT market, which is expected to grow to $240 billion by the end of the decade. They are doing this by creating unique digital tokens that can be collected and are often sold with cars.

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