Beeple, a digital artist, is the latest victim of an NFT phishing scheme. Someone hacked the top-selling NFT artist’s Twitter account and posted a link to a phishing website where money might be stolen. The link took you to a phony website that advertised a false partnership with Louis Vuitton.

What went wrong with Beeple’s Twitter account?

Beeple tweeted today, “Been working on this with LV for a long time behind the scenes.” “A total of 1000 distinct parts… Below is the official raffle.” The tweet also included a link to a phishing website, which has now been removed.

Soon after, a number of notable NFT individuals rushed to Twitter to alert others about the phishing fraud.

“Beeple’s Twitter account has been stolen (ATO) to post a phishing webpage to steal cash,” wrote Harry.ETH of MetaMask/MyCrypto on Twitter.

“BEEPLE’S TWITTER ACCOUNT HACKED,” tweeted NFT influencer Zeneca. Please let others know.”

What is the Mechanism of the NFT Phishing Scam?

According to Harry, once someone connects their wallet to Beeple’s website, the mint will start and 1 ETH will be sent to the contract. The website does not appear to be emptying wallets, as is common in similar NFT frauds.

Unfortunately, numerous NFT collectors fell prey to the NFT phishing scam since they were unaware that Beeple’s Twitter account had been hijacked. Furthermore, the victims are said to have lost 35 ETH (about $71,000). (at the time of writing).

Beeple’s Twitter bio still has the fraudulent website’s URL. Remember the golden rule: “don’t click on any links or connect your wallet to any website you don’t understand and can trust/verify from multiple sources,” as Zeneca said.

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