Barcelona sold a digital art piece of a famous goal by Johan Cruyff for $693,000. The club is trying to get out of a huge amount of debt, so it auctioned off the piece. Barcelona said that Sotheby’s in New York’s auction for the club’s first non-fungible token (NFT) ended on Friday at $550,000. The fees charged by the auctioneer brought the final sale price up to $693,000.

The piece of art shows Cruyff’s famous goal from 1973, when he flew through the air and scored with his leg stretched out. Cruyff looks like he has been dipped in gold in the picture. The name of the NFT, “In a Way, Immortal,” comes from a quote by Cruyff, who made his mark at Barcelona as both a player and a coach. Barcelona has been trying to find new ways to make money because it needs to pay off a $1 billion debt.

This includes selling the naming rights to Camp Nou to the music streaming service Spotify and recently selling 25 percent of its Spanish league TV rights for the next 25 years.

An NFT is a digital image that is unique and can’t be copied. There are a lot of collectors and artists who want to buy and sell this kind of digital art.

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