A lot of OpenSea users have asked to be included in the lawsuit.

Jesse Halfon, a lawyer for NFTs and DAOs, has sued the NFT marketplace OpenSea because its NFT policy was stolen.

The lawsuit is about how OpenSea handles NFTs that are said to have been “stolen.” Users have been upset about the policy, and it has been looked at in the past.

According to the policy in question, OpenSea doesn’t let stolen NFTs be sold on the platform. But because of this rule, users find that their NFTs are locked and they can’t sell them.

Most of the time, the previous owner contacts OpenSea and says that their NFT was stolen. People who now own NFTs but had nothing to do with the theft can’t sell them, which is a shame.

Jesse took action by filing the lawsuit in small claims court. Many users have asked to join the lawsuit, which makes it a class action lawsuit.

But OpenSea’s terms say, “All claims and disputes within the scope of the arbitration agreement must be arbitrated on an individual basis and not on a representative or collective class basis.” This effectively bans class action lawsuits.

But Jesse said that even though this makes it less likely that there will be a class action lawsuit, it is not impossible.

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